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How to Build a Brand: A Conversation with Bill Macaitis

Learn about the role customer advocacy plays in building a brand and the benefits of leaning into brand building--especially in a downturn--to emerge even stronger.

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Bill Macaitis
Former CMO @ Slack & Zendesk

Bill Macaitis has led marketing and growth for the three of the fastest ever growing SaaS companies. At Slack he served as the CRO leading up the marketing, sales, success and support teams. Before that he served as the CMO of Zendesk taking the company through a successful IPO. Before that he served as SVP of Marketing for Salesforce where he helped grow revenues to $3B. Currently, Bill serves as board advisor and independent board member to aspiring unicorns and decacorns.


Dave Gerhardt
Founder @ Exit Five

One of the top marketing minds in the country, Dave Gerhardt helps businesses with brand building and marketing strategy. He’s the founder of Exit Five, a community for B2B marketers and he also advises high-growth B2B startups. Dave is the former Chief Brand Officer at Drift ($1B valuation) and Chief Marketing Officer at Privy (nine-figure exit; acquired by Attentive). A guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, Dave has traveled the world speaking and coaching marketing teams and startup founders.

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